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 Music and my own Lyrics

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Man Darino


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PostSubject: Music and my own Lyrics   March 25th 2017, 10:45 am

Rhythm is the movement of emotions that start to tremble a bass of vibrations into a dancing spirit of your soul. Quote Mario Dam.

When rain falls down, it is a orchestra of waterfall pearls which hit a human on their natural strings of passion. The exact spot of your passionate soul touched by tears of passion, will let you sing a concert in the rain. Quote Mario Dam.

A talent is what you do to inspire others

My talent is being myself. Quote Mario Dam.

The definition of real emotions is like a butterfly, identified by what is there. Quote Mario Dam.

In a period of darkness the Universe makes it clear that enlightment is only a choice to watch what is there to see and feel what enlightment becomes in a wise choice of brightness. Quote Mario Dam.

Life is easy, do not make it complicated, the complicated things in a life of living makes it difficult to live. Quote Mario Dam.

Together at last, together as two, heart and mind succesfully combined. What you want and if you do, does come true. Count your blessings and say "thank You".

Poem Mario Dam

For lighting a fire, you need to find out how a fire needs to be lighted. Passionate flames will be your gift when a fire is lighted from the inside fuel to fire it up. Quote mario Dam.

Being alive is the bright side of trust in yourself to stay out of staying alive. Quote Mario Dam

Passion is the elixer of human feelings which are real and become passionate when touched by your soul. Quote Mario Dam.

Eyes kissed by the stars, enlightens a universe of darkness into a sparkling field of view Quote Mario Dam.

The taste of Champagne with Strawberry is a whirlpool of bittersweet flavours. Quote Mario Dam.

Pure strength is the power of lifting yourself up without muscles. Quote Mario Dam.

Life is the challenge of confrontations, if you lack confrontations, the challenge of life will be poor.  Quote Mario Dam.

Your spirit is the emotion of your soul.
You are bound by a feeling which is stronger than steel, it is the link of what is inside forever. Quote Mario Dam.

Dream thousands of dreams, one achieved dream, will be the path to dream on. Quote Mario Dam.

Not one person in life can define who you will be, it is the strength to listen to your senses and define your own identity in what you are. Quote Mario Dam.

A broken heart is a heart broken. It will be a token

to understand what you feel.

Listen to yourself,

what is and will hurt, will never vanish.

It makes you human and deal with the ability

in what is real.

Poem Mario Dam

A soul is the treasure of being alive, the light that treasures your soul is the most attractive form in being human that the glittering star in yourself will shine forever. Quote Mario Dam

Peope who are amazing, are amazing personalities in person. It is a gift to understand yourself, that gift in understandingwill be a present to others Quote Mario Dam.

Music is a river of sound that brings emotions into a rapid stream
of feeling human. Quote Mario Dam.

Do not search what you don't own, own that what you don't have to look for. Quote Mario Dam.

A natural leader does not do the dirty work, it is working yourself up through the dirt. Quote Mario Dam.

The reflection of our soul is like burning oak wood, the smell is the authenticity of what is pure. Quote Mario Dam.

Magical words become historical when it is written in a philosophical way of feeling in magic.

Undefined mysteries will be the legacy left by the writer for those who believe in mysteries felt forever in what is real or not.

It's all about perception, when it is real,

you will read that legacy in deep existence in what you feel.  
Quote Mario Dam.

People will find the treasure in you that others have left in the ruins. Quote Mario Dam.

Sugar is the defenition of what is sweet, the taste of that sweetness, was one of best Sugars i have ever tasted. Quote Mario Dam.

Standing is the power for what you stand for, it is the strenght that powers you in standing what you feel for.
Quote Mario Dam

The timbre of nature's breathing is the sound that drums your ears of passion in an air breath to a spiritual feeling of your inner tune in enlightment.  Quote Mario Dam.

In the cocoon of life, experiences in time will mold the butterfly in yourself to fold out your inner beauty in spiritual depth and emotional growth. Quote Mario Dam.

An attitude of gratitude fosters emotional and spiritual well-being through a focus on blessings to ourself in a breath of human beings in being human

In appreciation of benefits in our human existence, provides fresh air us a proces by breathing into a crystal clear full mind and body. Quote Mario Dam.

Feeling happy is the happy feeling in yourself of the true self you do like. Quote Mario Dam.

Feeling lonely is the unhappy feeling in yourself of the true self you don't like. Quote Mario Dam.

Nature has no written laws, the no is the perfection of boundaries set in a natural way of perfection for achieving an envirement in balance.

The law of nature is the supreme boundary set by nature's unwritten law in order. Quote Mario Dam.

Love on a real train is understand the real feeling in riding the train of love.

There is no stop or exit in what you feel in love to ride for real.

Quote Mario Dam.

In my garden of Eden 2009, i molded my waterfall in passion from the deepest innercore of my spiritual being.

It was that moment, kissed by the soul of warm delight,

i recognised who i was.

Then came the tears of passion, to relief my most wanted treasure in my full grown spiritual self.

The waterfall was always there, it was my gift to let it flow.

In a journey of rediscovered life and floaded with enlighted insight,

miracles do happen, just let it go.

Poem Mario Dam.

Compassion for your own thoughts, feelings and emotions is being the most intimate best friend within yourself.

If you are able to deal those most intimate sharings of your inner spiritual senses with yourself, you built the bridge to share it to become intimate with others. Quote Mario Dam.

When the souls of horizon and sun meet in sunset, in their house of happiness, their delightful spirits will enlight their innercore of deep passionate love for eachother. Quote Mario Dam.

You can't see the little things in life if you do not feel them, being blind in emotions is the darkness in feeling of the things you do not have to see.

The wonderfull gift of feeling is to appreciate your feelings in motion.

Quote Mario Dam.

My erogenous zones are mentally, if you point our your feelings in a spiritual way of touching my inner treasure of utmost intimacy, you will feel what it is to have a desirefull erotic lover in passion.

Quote Mario Dam.

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Music and my own Lyrics
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