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 Music and my own Lyrics

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PostSubject: Music and my own Lyrics   March 25th 2017, 10:45 am

Feeling lonely is the unhappy feeling in yourself of the true self you don't like.

Quote Mario Dam.

Nature has no written laws, the no is the perfection of boundaries set in a natural way of perfection for achieving an envirement in balance.

The law of nature is the supreme boundary set by nature's unwritten law in order.

Quote Mario Dam.

Love on a real train is understand the real feeling in riding the train of love.

There is no stop or exit in what you feel in love to ride for real.

Quote Mario Dam.

In my garden of Eden 2009, i molded my waterfall in passion from the deepest innercore of my spiritual being.

It was that moment, kissed by the soul of warm delight,

i recognised who i was.

Then came the tears of passion, to relief my most wanted treasure in my full grown spiritual self.

The waterfall was always there, it was my gift to let it flow.

In a journey of rediscovered life and floaded with enlighted insight,

miracles do happen, just let it go.

Poem Mario Dam.

Compassion for your own thoughts, feelings and emotions is being the most intimate best friend within yourself.

If you are able to deal those most intimate sharings of your inner spiritual senses with yourself,

you built the bridge to share it to become intimate with others.

Quote Mario Dam.

When the souls of horizon and sun meet in sunset, in their house of happiness,

their delightful spirits will enlight their innercore of deep passionate love for eachother.

Quote Mario Dam.

You can't see the little things in life if you do not feel them, being blind in emotions is the darkness in feeling of the things you will not see.

The wonderfull gift of emotion is to appreciate your feelings in motion.

Quote Mario Dam.

My erogenous zones are mentally, if you point our your feelings in a spiritual way of touching my inner treasure of utmost intimacy, you will feel what it is to have a desirefull erotic lover in passion.

Quote Mario Dam.

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Music and my own Lyrics
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