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 Music and my own Lyrics

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Ina Gadda Da Vida


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PostSubject: Music and my own Lyrics   July 4th 2018, 10:19 pm

When nature in affection illustrates all colours in full spectaculair display, it becomes an affectional spectacle in a natural colourful illustrating bouquet.....

Quote Mario Dam.

A beautiful living soul walks the life in a future of one's own full stepped beauty in felt spiritual history.....

Quote Mario Dam.

Where full kind and some wonder have met, some kind of wonderful is what we get....


When full kind of some wonder is set, some kind of wonderful is what we get.....

Quotes Mario Dam.

With a scrabble of our own hoods where we once puzzled in, a chapeau of life beholds all our pieces of the puzzle we have ever lived in.....

*parenthood, childhood, brotherhood, neighbourhood.....

Quote Mario Dam.

Those who understand to share less, will receive alot for their sharing awareness.....

Quote Mario Dam.

Some can only be one with their own nature because their own nature is someone to be.....

Quote Mario Dam.

Where others give up, i am the one that becomes reunited with who i am, it is not a choice, it is my nature,

we are not defined by stepping over others their and our own boundaries, but where to accept them.....

Quote Mario Dam.

Sometimes we are doing things in a way we like and like the way in the things we are doing.....

Quote Mario Dam.

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Music and my own Lyrics
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