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 On the balcony.....

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Ina Gadda Da Vida

Ina Gadda Da Vida

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On the balcony..... Empty
PostSubject: On the balcony.....   On the balcony..... Icon_minitimeJanuary 22nd 2019, 4:31 pm

Where there are footsteps in the snow,

a Robin bird probably waved hello.....

I saw and heard it when she swinged on my balcony,

in a happy mood of mysterious enjoyed vitality.....

All from heaven, it fell in infinite chemistry below,

a happy bird dancing on her own white plateau.....

The spirit always leaves a print as a natural acceptance,

i was here, a frantic shadow, it was a silent landmarked presence.....

Will she come back after i named her Beau,

well, that's a cryptic answer we all like to know.....

~Mario Dam~

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On the balcony.....
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