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Ina Gadda Da Vida

Ina Gadda Da Vida

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Reflections..... Empty
PostSubject: Reflections.....   Reflections..... Icon_minitimeOctober 16th 2019, 1:29 am

~We can see ourselves inside of a mirror, but what we feel or who we are, is our outside true reflection~

~Mario Dam~


At 1:04 in the video, look at the eyes of the cat, "saying" in his own words, "Thank You"......

* In my neighborhood i have a drifter, a she, i "take" care for her, but she stays outdoors, she is chipfree and free as a bird.

I can do anything with her, hugging, kissing, cuddle and play.....and in the summertime, when at nights i am sitting on my deck, she plays alone outside and has the time of her life.....

Cats are amazing creatures, they adapt very well and are fun to watch at when they play.....

In the 90's i "took" care for a drifter at my parents home. He was a huge wild cat, and i noticed him in our garden. Once he felt safe, i could hug, kiss and cuddle him, and in the garden i built a wooden cabin for him. Almost 3 years he kept coming and going, due wintertime i put some old clothes in the cabin to keep him warm. And then, he disappeared and i never saw him again.....


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